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My paintings are windows to my mind, capturing the fleeting moments of nature and translating landscapes into visual expressions of emotional triggers. Heavy textures intertwine with delicate brush strokes. There's an invitation to surrender to the gentle pandemonium, finding solace and ease amidst the winding winds, lush fields and thundering skies. 

Rooted in the spontaneity of impressionism, the brushstrokes are a language; communicating my perspective of the natural world and translating emotional triggers into vibrant visual stories.


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BIO 🇲🇽

I was born in Mexico D.F.

My family moved to McAllen, Texas  - learned English in 1st grade. Spanglish fluent

South Texas country was my backyard -- traveling to Rancho Alexis in Mexico is my favorite childhood memory; I miss it.


my parents owned a pet shop -

exotic animals: birds, fish, and so many dogs.

Fireflies, thunderstorms, ranches  - Texas is home.


I've seen a few places and learned many lessons --

still learning lessons.



muchas gracias, thanks 






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