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Rio Sin Retorno (River with No Return)

40 x 30 inches | oil on canvas

Titled 'Rio Sin Retorno' or 'River of No Return,' this painting is a representation of my poignant memories of my father's ranch in Mexico. It offers a visual glimpse into the dreamlike landscapes, evoking memories of wide blue skies and lush green pastures that once surrounded me; each brushstroke holds the essence of my cherished


impressions.Within this canvas, I seek to capture the sensations I feel when I close my eyes and think of the ranch. I can almost smell the air, feel, and hear the gentle winds whispering through the long grasses. This place holds an irreplaceable significance in my heart and often brings tears to my eyes. Yet, amidst the bittersweet longing, there's also a sense of peace—a comforting reminder of the laughter, joy, and beauty of the memory.

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